Airbuddy Tauchsystem ohne Flasche


For a long time, diving has NOT been like other recreational sports; where you just "grab your gear and go". You might be able to take your bike out of your garage and go cycling, grab your surfboard and go surfing, take your basketball and go play...BUT, you can't just take your SCUBA gear and go diving.

Diving has always required a lot of preparation and logistics. The SCUBA tank needs to be filled with air at about 210 bar pressure which is approximately 100 times (!!!) higher than the pressure inside a car tyre. Filling up SCUBA tanks normally requires large and expensive compressor units and needs to be done by a trained operator. That is why virtually all divers rent tanks from dive centres. This means searching for the closest dive centre, calling, booking, picking up and returning the tanks – all takes time and costs money. So a simple 45min fun dive can easily turn into a half day, $50 activity.

AirBuddy was created to eliminate all the hassle, time and expense mentioned above. AirBuddy provides a terrific alternative; a cross between snorkeling and SCUBA diving. It doesn't require air tanks, yet still offers 45min of dive time at a maximum depth of 12m. With a weight of only 9.5kg (up to 75% less then SCUBA equipment) and small dimensions, it is the world's smallest and lightest diving equipment. All you need to do is recharge the batteries at home, get to the beach, unpack and connect the hoses and ...enjoy your dive! No rental and transportation of heavy tanks, no bulky and complicated gear. Unlike SCUBA, AirBuddy can also be transported on a plane, which makes it a perfect companion on holidays.